LivePerson Agent Messaging SDK for NodeJS

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Bot Cluster Example

This examples demonstrates running bot on horizontally scalable cluster. It might be used for a few use cases:

  1. Bot Resiliency - If one node crashes, on of the others will reconnect the bot.
  2. Multiple Bots - The bots will be spread on the nodes of the cluster. If one node fails the others will share its bots. If a new node is added to the cluster it will take some of the bots of every other node.


Code Review


  1. You should have an account with a few agent users.
  2. Install docker and docker-compose on your machine to run this example.


First you will have to create you configuration file. Put you json config content in the examples/cluster/local/agents.json file. The file should contain an array of objects with the account/user/password information. For example:

    "accountId": "61326154",
    "username": "myagent1",
    "password": "secret"
    "accountId": "61326154",
    "username": "myagent2",
    "password": "secret"

Now change directory to examples/cluster and run:

npm i
docker-compose up -d

This will initialize the zookeeper dependency and launch one node to handle all of your bots.

You can view the logs of the cluster:

 docker-compose logs -f app

You can add nodes to the cluster by changing its scale, for example:

 docker-compose scale app=3

You will be able to see in the logs the new task distribution.

You can shutdown the cluster by:

docker-compose kill && docker-compose rm -f